Jikiden Reiki -Traditional Japanese Reiki

Jikiden means “directly passed down or taught”. Chiyoko Yamaguchi and her son  Tadao Yamaguchi,  began the Jikiden Reiki Seminars because they wanted to show people the Reiki that she learned directly from Hayashi sensei in the 1930s. Hayashi sensei was one of only 20 teachers created by Usui sensei and because he was a medical doctor, was able to experience treating people in his own small Reiki centre in Tokyo.

Jikiden Reiki is Reiki as it was in 1930s. It feels pure and simple, grounded and it is extremely effective. Focusing primarily on treatment and with a strong and fascinating background of Japanese culture, tradition and philosophy; it is there to become a part of the life of whoever chooses to learn. The founder of this method, Mikao Usui is quoted as saying that every living thing can do this. This course is registered through the Jikiden Institute in Japan. Your name will appear on their website and your certificate will be handwritten in Japanese on rice paper by a master calligrapher and resemble the original certificates given by Sensei Hayashi himself.

Jikiden reiki is something you can use occasionally to ensure that a sickness passes through you quickly or to promote recovery from an operation, to something you use every day for anything from health maintenance to extremely effective first aid treatment. On a more long term basis, treatments can be used to help alleviate and in many cases, eliminate more serious conditions from the body. The effects of Jikiden Reiki are also profound and can help with stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and even help people to stop smoking.

The beauty of Jikiden Reiki is that it is a physical treatment that can be used by anyone and everyone, regardless of their background, state of health or belief system. It can be used by parents who can feel empowered as they are able to help their children when they are sick or in pain. It can be used by all, simply for treatments and first aid, yet there is a spiritual element to it too and those people looking for more will also be delighted with the effect it has on their lives. I love the concept behind the original Reiki style, which is that it gradually peels back the layers we have accumulated in life, physical and emotional, to reveal… our true and magnificent selves as we really are!

What I love about Jikiden Reiki is, the simplicity of the method - unchanged from the original method learned by Mrs Yamaguchi and her family, the quality of the theoretical concepts they were teaching and the experience they held in successfully treating people year after year using only Reiki.